Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, thank you for following my blog. I am currently looking for a job to start saving for that house. Though I am so tired of I.T. I feel like I have no choice to stay in it since it is a field that I tend to find work in easily.

But it highly stressful, wish I could just blog full time.


  1. Have you found a career that makes you happy? You can get a job in IT, but is it worth the headaches and stress? I know you want to save for a house. You have talked to me about it several times. Sacrifices have to be made. I'm making them as we speak...there is no house in our immediate future. Because I chose to support my husband in school so he could find a career to make him happy. Do you have anything you really want to do?

  2. I agree with Anna, life is too short to do something that doesn't make you happy. A house is fine and good but at what price?